Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Midsummer's Eve!


Today is Midsummer's Eve, which is probably the most celebrated holiday in Sweden. Well, Christmas is important too, but this - this is special. It's the lightest night of the year, and we Northeners, we do cherish our light. And our drinks. Midsummer's Day is one of the most closed-down days of the year, because everyone certainly has the right to be hungover on Midsummer's Day. Yep.

We've had a lovely dinner with Tesse and Danne, and we just had our neighbors come over for coffee and of course, for strawberries and cream. It just wouldn't be Midsummer's without it! This year, we had the opportunity to serve lovely, lovely madeleine cookies with them!

No, I haven't been baking, but I got two boxes of these delicious little things from Jessika, a fellow food blogger. (Who blogs in Swedish.) We met up when she was in Stockholm, for sushi and some shopping, and when she bought new Madeleine molds, I happened to mention that I'd never tried them. So, she baked me some! What a sweetheart!

And the cookies? Incredible. I really enjoy them, so I better get my own molds!

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karlsfoodie said...

Happy Midsummer to u
I miss the midsummer party back in sweden, and next week the swedish embassy is inviting us here in spore for the belated party =)