Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Luxury Lunch at Esperanto

The beautiful dining room

We had a blogger's lunch meet last week, at luxury restaurant Esperanto. And oh, what a lunch! And what great company! :) Present were Dinner Darling, Hemliga Kockan, Kärlek, Mat & Folköl, Matälskaren, Kulturbloggen, Lotten, Betraktelser från Baren, The Blogger Formermly Known as Ensamma Mamman, Mathimlen and Patrik Blandar Ihop. And sorry, none of the other blogs are in English.

Lunch was served on a tray.

The food? Heaven. Esperanto is not an Asian restaurant, but their lunches are a perfect example of exciting Asian Fusion cuisine. Definitely try to go there if you're in Stockholm. The lunches are also very affordable - we paid 165 SEK, for all courses - that's almost free! And really, how often do you come across tasting menu lunches? Included in the price was also a very tasty white jasmine tea, that was constantly being refilled. Afterwards, I was very happy and content, but not stuffed - it's all pretty light, and very small servings.

A snack before actual lunch - prawn crackers with lime and sechuan pepper (at least that's my guess)

Thin slices of cod with a fresh pea-juice. Great dish! Tasted very fresh, and definitely had lime in it.

A tiny trio - sake-braised aubergine with black sesame seeds, mango-marinated daikon with chilli and coriander, and a spicy dipping sauce with ketjap manis.

And to dip, pork and potato dumplings, and five-spice chicken.

A jumbo shrimp with garlic and ginger, not my favorite, it was way too salty for my taste.

Chinese rice with a raw egg yolk on top, fried rice noodles, chives, fried onions and strips of seaweed.

All that. And then dessert came. Oh my. Heaven. This is a coconut sorbet with salted macadamia nuts, topped with a strawberry meringue. The only fault I could find? The tiny cup. It was an amazing dessert, and twice the size would have been even better.

Kungstensgatan 2
08-696 23 23


Anonymous said...

This sounds and looks delicious. When I am in Stockholm, I will make sure to go there.

By the way, the pepper is Sichuan or Sechuan.
And did you mean to say that all those blogs are in Swedish or that none of them are in Swedish?

Wonderful lunch. Thank you for writing about it.


Wendy said...

Off to Stockholm this summer and will definitely try this place out. Thanks for the recommendation. :)

Anne said...

Thanks Anna - that was typed a bit too fast :)

Wendy - I hope you'll like it as much as I did! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks really delicious!

Anonymous said...

superbes les recettes!! bises micky