Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mobile blogging!

This is my first post written on the go, or more accurately, with my new PDA, a Palm TX with wifi. Pretty cool, in my humble opinion. I'm at a session with local parliament, which is interesting but little tedious as we had another session last night, but didn't manage to work through our long agenda.

Foodwise, we get sandwiches and coffee, and fruit. However, we have our meetings at a local cinema complex, so there's also soda and popcorn for those who want. (And trust me, we have our very own version of Mr Bean, too!)

I promise a more interesting post tomorrow, with details of an amazing dinner I attended last week, composed by chef of the year.


Anonymous said...

Anne, you are so 2.0! That is utterly cool. Especially since I have the habit if buying lots of gadgets like that, and never actually getting the time to use them. My most recent investment is a bluetooth keyboard for my cell phone. I have used that one, though. In my own livingroom. How pathetic…

Kirsten said...

VERY cool. Must get up to speed. :)

Love your blog as always.

Kirsten, Arizona, USA