Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Cookbook Watch: Sushi, Tradtition & Fusion

71307446_Sushi (Medium)

I got a copy of this book from Damm Förlag, and while in Swedish, it's translated from an English original by Emi Kazuko. I believe it's called New Sushi, in its original version.

One of my promises this year is to make sushi. I thought this book would help. Now that I've read it, I'm not so sure. Sure, it has basic tips, but it seems to be more aimed to those that already make their own sushi, and are looking for new flavors, and new inspiration. It has some very wild things - gorgeous rainbow rolls for example. However, I'm not sure how much is really fusion. I feel it's more slightly new takes on traditional sushi. It's still mostly Japanese ingredients, although perhaps they wouldn't normally be used in sushi.

The book introduced me to a wooden sushi press - now *that* looks handy! The pictures of the finished sushi pieces looked great!

The photos are by Gus Filgate, and they are just gorgeous. This book is well worth it for the pictures - but if you're looking for beginner's tips, I'd choose something else. I'll pass this on to my neighbor, who regularly does make sushi at home. And for me, I'll be checking out this site a bit more - it has adorable little flash illustrations, very handy...


winedeb said...

About a year ago I attempted to make sushi at home. So I went to the store and got all the tools and "fixin's". The first round was very time consuming and some of the rolls, well looked a little askew. But all in all, everything tasted fine. I started with a basic California Roll. It was a fun experience, but now I leave sushi to my favorite little restaurant here in Key West. Looking forward to seeing how you do with it!

Honeybee said...

I sometimes make my own sushi, try the maki rolls to begin with, I think they are easiest to make. But I will need a LOT more time until I'm as dexterous as the sushi chefs in my favourite japanese restaurants!