Wednesday, March 21, 2007

MORE about me?

Kinna tagged me for a Swedish meme, going around right now. Six odd things about myself. Well, considering I just shared some of my inner secrets with you, I'll pass - but I was just interviewed by a fellow food blogger, in Swedish, so if you're very curious, learn more about me over at Jesper's blog, Krubb.

Ok, I'll say one thing though. I'm very un-adventurous, in general. And actually, in food, too. I will not happily try everything once - nope, not me. I eat a lot of things, but I'm also happy to pass on lots of stuff. And, I must admit, I have special issues with eating deer (Bambi!) and rabbit (Thumper!). No problems eating Ferdinand though, so I'm not completely Disney-fied.


Pille said...

I enjoyed reading the interview over at Jesper's blog - it's interesting to learn something new again.
PS One of my last (and very delicious) meals in Edinburgh included both rabbit and deer. Cruel, eh:)

Anonymous said...

Funny... I am just the opposite when it comes to venison, rabbit, etc. I am basically vegetarian (I eat fish and seafood), but if I were to go back to eating meat, I would have less of a problem eating game than animals raised on factory farms and slaughtered at the abbatoire. The way I see it is that the deer, rabbits, moose, etc. have basically had a good life up until the moment they are killed, so I would feel less guilty about consuming them...
Jeff in Canada
PS: I will send you that cake recipe I promised very soon!

Anne said...

Pille - glad you enjoyed it! And got through the Swedish :)

Jeff - I can totally understand that point of view! It's just something about Bambi... I once had a friend who was pretty much a vegetarian. He only ate ugly animals. As far as I can recall, he considered fish and turkey to be ugly, but pigs, chickens and cows were cute. :)

Pille said...

I speak Danish, Anne, and have learned some Swedish ages ago, so it wasn't hard at all:)