Wednesday, February 14, 2007


valentines day

To all my lovely readers out there - a big, big hug! I'm so thankful for each and everyone of you, and although I don't need a special day to share that love, today's a good day to remember it.

As for the one I really love, more than anyone, we'll be celebrating tonight with a nice home-cooked meal - we're thinking a starter of avocado and blue cheese on crisp rye bread, a perfectly grilled entrecôte with home-made béarnaise (pressure, much? I've never done it before) and a large green salad, and to finish, a citrus salad with pomegranate. Sounds good? I think so.

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Oh you'll do fine on the bearnaise, if I have succeeded every time I've done it from scratch I am sure you will :)

Happy valentine's!

Anonymous said...

What, no chocolate at all?

Anne said...

Pene - nope! :) None! Oh, ok, I had a few chocolate hearts earlier, that a dear friend sent, but that's it :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne - I just found your blog recently, and am really enjoying it! Happy Valentine's Day to you - your dinner plans sound lovely!

Waspgoddess said...

Oh yum, yum... sounds lovely (good luck with the sauce). We're having your mango mousse for our dessert by the way.

Pille said...

Hope you had a lovely evening - the menu sounded delicious!

Kinna Jonsson said...

sounds just great. Hope your sauce turned out as you wished. =)

Freya said...

Hi Anne,
Hope you had a wonderful meal! Hopefully you'll blog about it!

Anne said...

Gilly, welcome! :)

Waspgoddess - oooh, did it turn out ok? :)

Pille, it really was. Hope you had a great day too!

Kinna, thank you :) The sauce was incredible!

Freya - I most definitely will :)