Thursday, January 04, 2007

Waiting, baking...

I'm waiting. Waiting, waiting, waiting. For what, you might ask? Well, for kittens. Glinda is supposed to give birth at any time, and I'm just sitting around watching her, and watching old episodes of Gilmore Girls. It might be today, or tomorrow - I was really sure she'd hold out until Saturday, so sure that I've scheduled a big 13-courses gourmet dinner for tomorrow. But from the look of things, I don't think she'll wait that long.

Anyway. I'm also cooking - preparing stuff for tomorrow's party. And no, I'm not cooking it all myself. We'll be four couples in total, and every couple brings one small appetizer, main dish and dessert. And well, I do four courses to get it to thirteen - since we're eating on Trettondagsafton, which literally means thirteen-day-eve. (Epiphany in English, I think?)

And as you can see in the picture above, I'm also baking. Kitten-watch is not very intensive, and a good time to get the freezer stocked with bagels. I followed my usual recipe - you can find it here - but substituted 200 g of the regular flour with dinkel (spelt) wholegrain flour. Not bad at all!

Keep your fingers crossed that I will see some kittens soon!


Anonymous said...

The kittens will probably come tomorrow during the party :-)

Anonymous said...

Your party sounds like a lot of fun. Hope it goes well.
I've always wanted to try making bagels, but have been a bit intimidated by them for some reason.

Good luck with the new kittens! Can't wait to see pic's!