Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Meeting Bloggers

Monday night, Kristina and I went to a charming little place called Judit & Bertil to meet up with other (food) bloggers. It was really nice - I had a glass of wine and got to put a face to many of the blogs that I read, as well as discover a few new ones! Space Babe from Mathimlen had brought some amazing chinese walnuts that I loved - they tasted amazing. She called them "full time nuts", becuase cracking them is indeed a full time job. But she came well prepared - you gotta love a girl who pulls out a big red nutcracker from her bag...

Gitto was in town, which was really the main reason for meeting up (even though we really don't need a reason, it's just nice getting togheter) and it was great to see her. Hope the rest of your stay is nice too! Others at the meet included Xtian from Fast Food Lovers (sorry we didn't get to talk more though!), Lisa and her husband Johan, Björn who doesn't blog but who I will go and eat sushi with, Ondskan, Isobel, Jascha who's a designer, Kinna, who was one of the first food bloggers I met, Andreas who brought with him pigs' cheeks, hmmm, Vinlusen who probably enjoys wine a whole lot more than I do, Alice whom I always enjoy meeting, and Isobel who was completely new to me.

I know I don't link to all the Swedish food blogs (it's really impossible to keep up) - however, I'm trying to keep a fairly updated link collection over at Matlust iFokus, a food forum where everyone who's interested in food is more than welcome. Do head over there and talk - the more the merrier! (And yes, it's in Swedish.)


Xtian said...

Anne, right back at ya' - didn't get to talk a whole lot.
Maybe a fastfoodlunch someday?

/Xtian, Editor-in-Chief FastFoodLovers

Anne said...

Xtian - absolutely! Sounds good!

Anonymous said...

It was great meeting you, Anne. Hope there'll be more blog meetings in the future - it's such a great thing to be able to spend the entire evening chatting about food. :)