Saturday, December 23, 2006

WCB - Hamlet

Hamlet is eagerly awaiting christmas on the hat shelf, happily perched on my new, bright pink crinkled silk scarf.

And we're frantically running around, trying to get everything ready. Tree? Food? Candy? Presents? Cleaning? Aarrgh!


Anonymous said...

Cat's have the best life, don't they. Hamlet's just hanging out, relaxing...thinking your new scarf is for him while everyone else is crazy busy doing all the work.

He's a beauty!

Anonymous said...

Det är väl klart att han väljer snyggaste underlaget och bästa utkiksplatsen1

Ha en Riktigt God Jul!

Anonymous said...

Give Hamlet a big kiss for me, the big cutie can lay on my scarves any time!