Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Rocky Road Semifreddo

Maybe you're looking for a fancy dessert recipe, to serve for New Year's Eve? This is probably not it. But it's darn tasty! Perfect for a nice dinner with friends, even though it doesn't exactly scream "glamour"! I got most of the recipe from Swedish tv-chef Leila Lindholm, but added marshmallows and chopped-up chocolate to make it.. oh, a bit more special. You can obviously substitute as much as you'd like - use different kinds of chocolate bits, different nuts or omit them completely, add swirls of caramel... anything, really. And speaking of caramel, I served this with caramel sauce on the side. Perfection!

Rocky Road Semifreddo
Serves a lot - depending on greediness. At least 8, I'd wager.

200 g dark chocolate
4 eggs, separated
4 tbsp sugar
200 ml heavy cream (35-40% fat)
200 ml thick yogurt (greek or turkish style, about 10% fat)
2 tbsp hazelnut liquer (Frangelico). You can use Amaretto, instead. Or omit.
100 g toasted, skinned hazelnuts
100 g dark chocolate, finely chopped
1 handful miniature marshmallows (or large ones, chopped up)
1 handful crushed meringues

Melt the chocolate. (The first 200 g!) Beat the egg yolks with half of the sugar, and the egg whites with the rest of the sugar. The egg yolks should expand to a fluffy mass, the egg whites should be firm and stiff.

Beat the cream until stiff, and mix with the yogurt.

Mix the melted chocolate with the egg yolks and the liquer, if using. Add the cream-yogurt mix, and carefully fold in th egg whites. Add the chopped up chocolate.

Layer the batter with meringues, nuts and marshmallows in a big freezable dish, and put in the freezer for at least four hours or over night. Take out about half an hour before eating, so it's not rock hard. And serve with caramel sauce, if you're so inclined.

Recipe in Swedish:
Rocky Road Semifreddo


Anonymous said...

That looks very rich and delicious! Is that an ice cream scoop in the bowl?

Anne said...

Yes, it is indeed :) It's very sturdy, made by Zyliss. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Oh - that's very cool! I love the style of it. I may have to scoop myself up one of those!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord, this is a winner. :-) Must try it soon.
I usually fail with icecream..

Anonymous said...

I wish someone had of made that for dessert here... I guess that person would have had to be me, I'll get on that...