Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Menu for Hope III

You probably haven't missed it, but just in case - today is the starting day for the third year of Menu for Hope. What's that? It's a fund-raising event by food bloggers all over the world. Last year we raised over $17.000 and the plan is - of course - to raise much more this year. All money goes to United Nations World Food Program, a very worthy cause indeed.

So how does it work? Lots and lots of food bloggers have donated prizes, and what you do is make a donation, on this page. By doing that, for each $10 you donate, you're buying a virtual raffle ticket for a specific prize. And you can see all the prizes here! You must remember to enter what prize you'd like to win, and your e-mail address so the hosts can get in touch with you if you do win.

I'm not participating with a prize this year, but two other Swedes are! Check out Dagmar's offering, a lovely kit with several teas, an infuser and hand-made candy, or Clivia's huge packet of Swedish candy!

All prizes are on this page. There's some great, great stuff there. How about a Kitchen-Aid? (Just like the one I have!) Or your very own canapé party, catered by The Passionate Cook and Cook Sister? Now there's a prize I'd love to win. (Wanna come to Sweden, guys?)

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Jeanne said...

I'm keen if you can persuade Johanna ;-) Or you can always just come to London and we can cater a very very exclusive party just for you :)