Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Carrot Risotto

Whew, long day together! I just came home from a work conference on a ferry boat to Aland - it was fun, but like all overnight activities, pretty intense. The food was great on board - I had a toast Skagen with king crab and salmon roe, and for my main course I chose deer with a herby potato purée. Very nice. And even nicer was the huge dessert table with tons of great stuff to choose from - mini creme brulées, tiramisu, tons of petit fours and an amazing rhubarb jelly. Definitely going back for that! Lunch today was a more regular "smorgasbord" - very untraditional though with stuff like poppadums with mango chutney, nachos and pasta carbonara. Not great, but fine.

Enough about that. The picture is of a risotto I made a little while ago - pretty standard, so I won't bother with a recipe. Just add lots of grated carrots when you've softened the onions, added the rice and started to add liquid. (You can follow this simple recipe for beet risotto, and just use carrots instead.)

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Rachael Narins said...

Vension is still pretty uncommon here...it always startles me that it is pretty common other places. Sounds like you sure ate well!