Saturday, October 21, 2006

Weekend Cat Blogging - Glinda

Sorry for the blurry picture, but it's taken after Glinda has raced through the entire house three times and ended up somewhat still in her cat tree.

Glinda has had a lot of progress this past month. She's gone into heat for the first time - and for the second time too, with just a few days apart. Third time's a charm, so we'll try to get her to a suitable boyfriend next time.

Weekend Cat Blogging is hosted by Jelly at I Got Two Shoes this week! Head over there to see tons of cute kitties!


Anonymous said...

Dear Anne,
Do you plan to breed your cat? Is she a pedigree?
She is a beautiful cat.
Bonnie in Virginia

Anne said...

Hi Bonnie! Yes indeed, I am a cat breeder as well as a food blogger :) My cats are all pedigree British Shorthairs (well, Kelly is a British Longhair) and we breed on a very small scale. One or two litters per year. :) Glinda is our youngest girl, and this will be her first litter - if all goes well, of course.

Jelly said...

Good luck to Glinda on her hopefully impending pregnancy! She's so cute. All your cats are beautiful.