Sunday, October 29, 2006

Weekend Cat Blogging - Edith

73rd time for Weekend Cat Blogging, this time hosted by Kayak Soup! As Halloween is coming up, I'm showing Edith this week - she's the closest we have to a black cat. (She's a black smoke British Shorthair.) Incidentally, she also has a birthday coming up, on Thursday! This picture was snapped yesterday, during a quick walk which wasn't very enjyoyed, I'm afraid. Too cold, and too many strange sounds. Edith was happier when she snuggled up in my arms, and we went back inside.

Head over to the round-up for many more cute kitties.


Anonymous said...

Poor chilly kitty! Here in Miami, we had a "cold front" finally move in for the first non-humid, cooler days since March. The doors and windows are open so all of the indoor kitties can enjoy the fresh breezes. It's up to a whopping 82F/28C today, yes, that's our cold front!

In honor of the cold, lol, I'm baking lamb shanks, the first comfort food of the season. Next, sauerkraut and pork. Lulu the kitty had some lamb scraps from when I removed the "silver skin" and she is excitedly awaiting the meal.

Anonymous said...

Edith is a beautiful British Shorthair, which are among the nicest of all cats. Thank you for posting. Happy Halloween.
Bonnie in Virginia

Bean said...

Does Edith have a white undercoat?

Anne said...

Anya, my cats would just love to move to where you are :) And hey, lamb shanks? I can't even find that cut here, but it sounds SO good.

Bonnie, thank you :)

Bean - she does! That's what makes her a smoke - black overcoat, white undercoat. It's the Inhibitor gene, popularly called "silver", that removes some of the pigment from the hair. Ok, a bit of cat genetics there for you :)