Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Plankstek - a Swedish classic

This is "plankstek" - literally "steak on a board". And that's essentially what it is! A steak. On a board. Surrounded by mashed potato, sauce (usually béarnaise), a grilled tomato, and often asparagus or haricot verts wrapped in bacon. This particular one had lots of other veggies too - some boiled, some fresh. The boards are made special, and some people buy the to make this favorite at home.

You can find this as not-so-classy restaurants everywhere - it's dead popular. This one comes from Restaurang Jugen Jon, the closest restaurant to our cabin in Dalarna.

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Lisa said...

That looks just delicious! My husband is half Swedish, and he loves steak -- this may be just what the doctor ordered?! I had no idea that steak was popular in Sweden. Learn something new every day. :)