Thursday, September 21, 2006

Five things to eat before you die

This Meme has been travelling for a bit, and I have been tagged at least thrice. I'm very late in participating - but hey, better late than never, as they say.

So. Without further ado. Here's five things you really should try to seek out. (And here's the enormous round-up.)

-Warm cloudberries over good quality vanilla ice cream

-Swedish Västerbotten Cheese (very sharp!) on crisp rye bread

-Swedish-style crawfish

-tomatoes from your own garden

-Swedish meatballs with mom's lingonberry jam, the berries picked and prepared with lots of love


Brazilian Linda said...

It should be Prohibitedposting about things like this!! *grrr* Why am I soooo far away from Sweden??? I Could die for these things you know :)

Ehva said...

Jag vill jättegärna smaka tomater från er trädgård när jag kommer ner...det andra på listan har jag klarat av...så...kram

Anne said...

Linda - so sorry! But do post about five Brazilian things, I'd love to read that.

Ehva - eh, ja, jo.. nu har ju inte jag odlat några tomater i år, så.. nä. Men du kan få mynta! Den växer som en hel djungel...

Pille said...

I've done the meatball&lingonberry jam thing (yummy) and ripe tomatoes from the garden. I'm yet to try warm cloudberry jam on ice cream though - I always eat my cloudberry jam cold. Must try soon (apparently my bf's mom made us lots of cloudberry jam this year, so should be possible)..
Lucky you for having a 'mint jungle' in your garden. You can have lots of lovely peppermint tea now:)

Karin said...

I´ve seen this list on a lot of blogs and been thinking of MY five things, but I also thought of a new list: 5 things I tasted and never will eat again

Anonymous said...

Tout a fait d'accord eller helt klart men vi hittar inte Hjortron här i Aix en Provence. Dar emot hittade jag Hjortron vin på Ikea men det va inte helt lyckat.