Saturday, September 23, 2006

Baguette from Fine Food

This was another very yummy baguette, from a new foodie hangout in Stockholm called Fine Food. It's a small store, stocking only select goods of the highest quality. They have a small deli counter, with excellent meats and cheeses, a small veggie corner with the finest seasonal produce, and a large section with high quality pasta, grains, oils, vinegars, spices and breads. And speaking of bread, they make this baguette in-house, and it is very good indeed.

And hey - it's the only reliable source of Mountain Dew that we've found in Stockholm! (Yes, Gray's have it every once in a while, but usually not.) So Per is happy - that's hands down his favorite drink.

I found this excellent Manitoba Cream flour. All the rage among foodies here, it's a very high protein flour that helps develop extra gluten for extra special chewy bread. Stay tuned for my experiments with this!

Fine Food is located in Hammarby Sjöstad, near the station "Luma". It's not easy to find parking.

Fine Food
Hammarby Allé 62


Jessica said...

I wonder though what the point of having a website is if all it displays is an email addy and opening hours... oh well...
Cajsa Warg carries Manitoba Cream too, they will mail it to people not living in Stockholm payable against invoice and with nothing more but a simple charge of p&p added.

Anne said...

Jessica, they just opened a few weeks ago, so hopefully they'll expand their website soon to at least display what different brands they carry. They should have photos too - it's not as pretty as Cajsa Warg though! And thanks for the info of mail ordering - that's a great service. I just baked with the flour for the first time, and while it's good, I'm not sure it's revolutionary. (Meaning, I won't be buying a full sack any time soon.)

Anna said...

I had never heard of Manitoba Cream flour before now. I live in Canada so I wonder if they export a lot of that flour. I'm going to keep an eye out for it to give it a try.

mipmup. said...

that flour sounds really interesting. does it go by any other name? i'd love to find it here in southern california.

Anne said...

Anna, I have no idea if it's actually from Canada! I'd be surprised.. but I will try to find out!

Mipmup - there must be some kind of extra-fancy high protein flour? That should work just the same!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, a fellow Mountain Dewer. :) If you're ever out in the suburbs, on the South side to be specific, City Gross in Kungens Kurva seem to have the Dew in stock regularly now. It's relatively cheap, at 9,90 kr/can. That's about twice the price of ordinary bottled-in-Sweden soda, but hey ... It's radioactive green, and with that Just Right whisper of citrus. Goes well with bagels, I guess. ;)

Anne said...

Anna - I just talked to the flour producer and no, it's indeed a Swedish flour. The name is because apparently they were inspired by Canadian "prairie wheat". Whatever that is.

Anonymous, thank you SO much. We do indeed go to Kungens Kurva now and again, so I'll stop at CityGross next time! Excellent!

Mihaela said...

Hi Anne!

I was searching around for some nice delis in Stockholm and found Fine Food, the one you wrote about.
The thing is they are pretty far south for me. Is it true they have a store on Flemmingatan (Kungsholmen)?
I called the main store and a person there said they only have the store on Hammarby Allé 62...Some info online says the contrary...
You seem to be a trustworthy source when it comes to good food in Stockholm, so I'd appreciate any info on small deli or good quality organic food markets/stores in central Stockholm.
Thank you!