Sunday, August 06, 2006

Onion rings

We have a deep fryer but don't really use it much - the smell is usually more than I can bear. However, in the summer, we can use it outdoors and then it's really not a problem. We tried making onion rings for 4th of July - as you can see, it was pretty successful but we had some problems getting the batter to stick to the rings. We ended up with a thin, crunchy coating - not at all bad, but it'd have been nice to have a thicker coating. Except for buying pre-battered onion rings, frozen (not a great option) - does anyone know of a good way to ensure onion-success? We'll gladly give it another go.

Onions: action.


Anonymous said...

Mmmm, Anne those look great. How could anyone resist those?? I know I certainly couldn't!

A said...

When we uesed to deep fry things (before we realized that it was a really lousy idea for our weights) we often did onion rings with the help of some mix. I think it was a Ying-mix, usually found near the Blue Dragon-shelf in the stores here. We liked the taste of it and it worked out fine.

The Öbergs said...

Did you try double dipping through the egg and dry mixture? Or are you using a batter? I've also read of freezing "fry items" (usually if they have some kind of cheese inside) but it might help keep the coating on.

Shelly said...

This sounds awful, but you get the best batter. Use powderd milk
(I know powdered milk is YUCKY) Make 8oz of it. Mix with 1 egg and dredge in seasoned flour. I just made some not to long ago and posted it. They are not exactly rings...I made Haystacks (onion and jalapenos cut thin)but when I make regular onion rings I do the same thing and they are really good.

Theres a pic so you can see the crust.

Anne said...

Pam - they were indeed tasty :)

Nikka - right, that's my thought too. I think we'll try that next time!

Monica - it's a batter rather than eggs and coating. We were thinking of dipping, frying lightly, dipping again and so on, and that would probably work.

Shelly - thank you! I'll check out your post on it!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it will work if you lightly flour onion rings before you put it in the batter.

Sarah and Tiggy said...

I've found they turn out best when first dipped in cold water, then flour, then batter. The batter I've used is: Beat one egg. Stir in 1 cup + 2 TB ICE COLD sparkling water. Stir in 1 cup flour. (It will be lumpy) Add a couple ice cubes to keep it cold. This is also tempura batter. FYI: I find the easiest way to fry them is by using chopsticks!

The Cookbook Junkie said...

I was going to suggest flouring the rings first too.

I can't stand the smell of deep frying at home either. That's a good idea to take the deep fryer outside.

Anonymous said...

Recipe found a years ago in Vanidades magazine, tried by myself with success. No eggs or batter needed!:

Dip the onion rings in whole milk then flour, then milk again and flour again, and fry. then salt them a little (as if they were french fries).

A little messy but the rings are delicious.

Excuse my english,


Anonymous said...

let the sliced onions dry for an hour before you batter them. it will help the batter cling to the onion.

Anonymous said...

Do it like you'd do a piece of pork. Cover the onions with flour, and then with the batter. The flour is what lets it stick to the onions.

Anonymous said...

Nigella has a very good recipe for them in "Feast".
Hope it helps!