Monday, August 07, 2006

EBBP #5 - package from Germany

I love blogging events! And some of the most fun ones include getting packages in the mail - Blogging by Mail and European Blogging by Post. The lovely Cook Sister - Jeanne - hosted this round, and I got a lovely package that was waiting for me when I got home today, from Meeta in Germany. Meeta blogs over at What's for lunch, honey? which was a new blog to me. (That's another bonus of these events, since you get to discover new delicious blogs!)

Meeta sent me a gorgeous photo that she had taken herself, and explained that to her, summer is all about berries and fruit. So, I also got a jar of her home-made pineapple-yellow plum preserves with ginger (yum!!) and a big log of honey cake that I will eat with the preserves. Also in the package was an incredibly tasty bar of chocolate with almonds and chili. I've already eaten some of it, and I can't help feeling sorry that I can't have more. It's delicious - the crunchy almonds and the almost not-there-but-still-is-present heat of the chillies just go so well together. Maybe it's a good thing I can't have it very often - although if I'm in Germany, I'd be sure to stock up!

My own package went out a few days ago, and is heading for.. well, I won't tell you. But I hope the recipient gets it soon! It has, among other things, some lavender chocolate biscotti that I'm planning to tell you about in a few days.

If you want to join in, Stephanie is hosting the next round of Blogging by Mail!

And if you're a Swedish blogger, or just happen to be in Stockholm - we're having a foodie picknick on August 23. It's open for everyone, so just come and join in the fun! We'll be in Humlegarden, from 17.30. E-mail if you want to know more!


Anonymous said...

I'm arriving in Stockholm 3 days after your picnic. Bummer!

Anne said...

Bad timing Shelly! I'll still be happy to meet up if you want to. :)

Jeanne said...

Great parcel! And that almond chilli chocolate sounds heavenly! Glad your parcel arrived safe and sound & hope we will soon hear more about the one that you sent!

Meeta K. Wolff said...

Yes!!! It arrived. You know what is weird? Seeing the things I packed on your blog ... ;-)) I am so glad you liked the stuff I packed. And that chocolate is addictive isn't it? The recipe to the preserve will be available on my blog soon so if you liked it you can make it yourself soon!
Anne it was fun to meet you too and your blog was new to me as well. Hope to see around!

Julia said...

Wow, this sounds as such a nice project! I’m going to check immediately all the things for joining in the next round!
I’ve just discovered your blog, and really like it...will certainly check for next posts :)

Anonymous said...

Anne, that would be cool :).

Anne said...

Jeanne - thank you for hosting this fun round! :)

Meeta - I tried the preserves last night and they were awesome indeed. Recipe soon, yeah? :)

Julia, it's a really fun way to get to know more people and to get to try new lovely stuff, too :)

Shelly - absolutely :)

tschoerda said...

gosh, i am so glad i got YOUR parcel! i already tried all the things you sent me - in fact, most of your little bags are gone by now ... my god, the chocolate covered sunflower seeds are devine - i could eat another kilo or two *g*!! the dried strawberris did not survive either, and there is only a little left of the other things ... thank you so much, anne!

Anne said...

Haha, I'm really glad you liked it Tschoerda :) Those sunflower seed thingies are indeed great.. I wonder if I could make something similar myself.. hmmm..