Saturday, June 10, 2006

Weekend Cat Blogging #53 -Ywette

Ah, I love living in a house, it has so much to look at through the windows

Kitten news: All but one has moved out. We still have Ikaros, who was unfortunately unbooked - twice. So, if anyone wants a little cute Brit.. pet only, no breeding for this boy.. let me know. :)

More cats - go to Clare at Eat Stuff!


Riana Lagarde said...

Ikaros is the cutest! I wish that I lived closer!!! Someone is going to be soooo lucky to get him.

Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous kittie!!!

boo_licious said...

Great pose, Ywette.

Anonymous said...


I have to tell you this -- and not because I'm a cat fan.


I am a 40 year old single dad of an 11 year old girl in California, and I discovered your blog a few months ago. Ever since, I've been a lurker, and reading past posts and recipes.

Your Carbonara is wicked-good. :)

I think I've read every post and recipe you've ever entered, so I could go on and on.

But my main points are these:

I have about 6 food blogs -- worldwide -- that I read religiously. Lex Culinaria, NYTimes' Bruni, toomanychefs, beyondsalmon, Meathenge, FoodMusings, and. . .yours.

You are supremely dedicated to this. Please know that there are MANY people out there, I'm sure, who are like me -- reading, loving, never saying anything.

You totally fire me up about food, and your style is refreshing, honest and bright.

Thank you, and keep it up!

Tim (and Claire)

Anonymous said...

tigerstripes, i am such a sucker for them. your kitties are beyond cute!

Anne said...

Tim, comments like yours really make it all worthwhile :) I'm so extremely happy to hear this :)

Everone else - ywette says thank you, and it *does* look like Ikaros has found a new home! We'll know for sure tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed :)

Anonymous said...

Oh that is cute :) I am so glad she has a view now!
I wish I could convince case to get your little guy *sigh*