Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mystery recipe: Green Butter Lemon Chicken

Oh no. Here's another one of those dishes I meant to blog about.. but didn't get a round to. And now I forgot how I made it. I remember it vaguely - it was very tasty - and I think it was something like.. well, it was definitely a compound butter, containing butter, lemon, garlic and.. basil? And parsley perhaps? Hmm. I slathered that on the chicken pieces - thigh pieces with skin, if I recall correctly, and stuffed some under the skin as well. Then I cut up a vast amount of lemons, and placed those in a pan, and the chicken on top of the lemons. Into the oven, 200°C, for half an hour or so. I think.

I do remember that I served it with Risotto Milanese. For Easter. And that's it.


Clivia said...

Mmmm, that sounds so great! Compound butter, is that kryddsmör? I guess so... Anyway, my favourite blend is very similar to this, but with tarragon instead of basil.

Elin said...

haha, i have a lot of food photos in the camera, photos with food that i cant remember how i made, it all looks good ;)

Anonymous said...

Dear Anne,
That's what happens to me all the time! I even deposited a notepad in the kitchen, but it seems I'm pretty lazy when it comes to taking notes... it didn't help. It's a real shame ;)