Monday, April 03, 2006

Wild Meat

Wild meat - game - is sometimes so much tastier than regular, bred meat. I had a wonderful venison steak at my aunt's the other day - fabulous flavor and texture! And these wild meat patties, or meatcakes, are truly excellent. They include a little bit of bacon - ground game (this one a blend of moose and venison) is very lean and can be dry, so some extra fat does a lot for the flavor.

I like these served with boiled potatoes, gravy (I cheated and used a store-bought cream sauce this time) and of course, lingonberries. Every swede eats lingonberries with food like this.

Wild Meatcakes

serves 4

3 tbsp breadcrumbs
75 ml water
1 egg
500 g ground meat from game (a mix of venison and moose)
100 g bacon, in small dice
1/2 yellow onion, in small dice
salt, white pepper, dash of cinnamon
butter, for frying

Mix the breadcrumbs with the water and the egg. Let it swell for a minute. Fry the bacon and the onion. Mix everything - the breadcrumbs, the meat, the bacon and the spices - and form small, flat cakes. Place on a damp cutting board until you're ready to fry. Fry, a few at a time, in butter.

Viltfärsbiffar med bacon


Kinna Jonsson said...

You are lucky to have game meat. I just finnished my last peace this weekend and no more was to get from my parents. Your recipe sounds very nice.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne,

This sounds lovely.

Do you think this recipe would work with wild boar? I bought some a couple of months ago and put it in the deep freeze since I wasn't really sure what to do with it.

Anne said...

Kinna, I admit - I just bought it. I sadly don't have a connection to any hunters, so that's my only chance :)

Pamela - definitely give it a try! You might have to fiddle a bit more with spices, but I'm sure it will be delicious!

Gustad said...

ever have kangaroo? it is amazing! one of the best meats i have ever had. i have a post about it on my blog

Anne Stesney said...

I love cooking with game. I agree-it's so flavorful! Never thought to add bacon, what a great idea. I usually add an egg to bind the meat. My college roomie's dad was a hunter, and provided us with lots of venison. Soooo good.

Just found your blog and love it! For the beautiful pictures, the recipes and especially the name! :)


Anonymous said...

This hunting season, I got a moose. I cooked the first steak last night, nothing to me beats cutting the meat cutting it into small cubes. Then frying it in a onion, garlic, green pepper mixture. Then litting it simmer until ready to serve. Amazing meal.