Thursday, April 13, 2006

Green, green apples

When I was a kid, this was almost the only apple I'd eat. Ok, with an exception - the apples from one of the trees in our garden (we had at least six or seven kinds) were brilliant, too - huge, red, bursting with juice.. and very often, infected by worms. Oh well.

I now like more apples - Jona Gold, Pink Lady, Royal Gala - but Granny Smith will always have a special appeal for me.

Besides, they photograph so well.


Pene said...

I love them also, & I grew up in the suburb of Eastwood (NW of Sydney) just a mile from where Granny's home & fruit orchard was located. And I'm also a direct descendant of her youngest daughter, Maria.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Granny Smith is a very delicious apple.

Even if I sometimes buy Royal gala - Granny is my favorite kind.


Shannon said...

I'm with you, Anne, the Grannies are the best! I still mainly eat only green or yellow apples. Somehow, I can never finish a whole red but green/yellow, I'll scarf it right down!

Anonymous said...

I love apples in a bread stuffing it just makes it so yummy.