Friday, April 28, 2006


Radishes and Cheese

Oh, well, almost anyway. I've had some exciting blog-related things happening this week. The main one: I picked up the latest issue of the digital photography magazine Kamera & Bild only to find that they had published some of my food photos! I had sent in a couple of pictures to be judged by a professional food photographer (the very talented Matilda Lindeblad) and lo and behold: she chose three of them to be published! And, she also had some very kind and helpful comments. In general, she thought I should put more efforts into my Photoshop work. And I agree with her. That's really not my strong point.

What makes my food photography different from hers - hrm, well, one of the things at least - is that I put maybe five minutes, tops, into any given picture. Because after that, I eat it. She can spend hours perfecting a plating - it won't show if the food is cold. However, I can't really fiddle around too much with the actual picture taking. So that's a good reason to learn more about post-processing. Anyway. These are the three pictures that were published. (Click on them to see the recipes.)

Caramels with sea salt

Meadow Food Soup


Ilva said...

This is really exciting! Congrats Anne! They look really good, my favourite is the first!

Alanna Kellogg said...

Good for you! And I'm with you on the 5 minute idea. Max!

Pille said...

Good for you, Anne! My plating & photo-taking "process" takes about 5 minutes as well:) I like the caramels with sea salt photo most!

Kalyn Denny said...

Congratulations. The photos are really nice, and I agree, about 5 minutes is all you want to spend if you're waiting to eat!

Kevin said...

The 5 miute constraint is an odd artifact of food blog photography. Perhaps events such as DMBLGIT should take account of this -- and apply demerits for any photo taken in a session lasting longer than 5 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Jättekul att dina porrbilder uppskattas!! :) Jag tycker de är superfina och förstår inte alls vad du ska behöva ändra men roligt att de har publicerats och att du fick bra kritik, grattis!! :)