Saturday, April 01, 2006

Dinner with my sister and Peter

Last Sunday, we were invited to dinner over at my sister Åsa and her fiancé Peter (the Sushi Chef, I've talked about him before). They just rebuilt their entire kitchen, which included knocking down a wall and incorporating a spare room into their now very spacious kitchen. It's absolutely gorgeous.

And the food was great. We got a hearty salad with wheat berries, cooked beets, blue cheese, aragula (rocket), cashew nuts and a vinaigrette with lemon, garlic and dijon mustard. We're definitely trying this ourselves - soon. It's the kind of food that I almost can't stop eating, the flavors are so delicously played off against another.

For dessert, Åsa had made a vanilla panna cotta with a raspberry coulis. Mmm! The whole meal felt wonderfully summery and sunny. Which was much needed, as the snow just kept falling. Come on, is spring ever going to come?


Anonymous said...

Vad gott det lät!!!! och pannacotta är ju bara såååå gott!!

Anne said...

Visst låter det gott? Jag håller precis på att göra salladen till en sen lunch.. åh, gott. Fast jag glömde säga - det är bacon i också! Ännu bättre.. :)