Sunday, March 05, 2006

Weekend Dog Blogging

Oh, this will be a first for me! This is a picture of Stumpan, my aunt's lovely boxer. She's quite old, and a real grand old lady. My aunt is the one who keeps Gisele and her kittens for me, and Stumpan is real excited about watching the kittens.

Foodwise, Stumpan has a lot of peculiar habits. For example, she MUST absolutely have her daily banana, at 6.30 pm. If you miss the time, she'll become VERY upset. And I do mean very.

For more foodie dogs, visit Sweetnicks.


Anonymous said...

Daily banana as in the fruit banana??? Gosch.

Anne said...

Oh yeah, as in the fruit. She eats (at least) a banana per day.

Cate said...

So sorry I missed this in the comments (e-mail is safer ;)); he's getting a star spot in today's post. Thanks for joining in. :)