Friday, March 03, 2006

Green Raisins

I'm not a huge fan of raisins, but I couldn't resist picking up a large bag of these green wonders when I bumped into them at Hötorgshallen. Green raisins taste really differently from ordinary ones. They're much more fruity, less sweet and much more.. oh, un-raisiny. (Great explanation, huh?)

Green raisins are also called kishmish, and generally come from Iran, Afganistan or Pakistan. They're green because they're dried in the shade, and not in the sun.

Anyway. They're great. And I have other great news - the kittens are born! I'll tell you all more tomorrow for Weekend Cat Blogging, for now I'll just report that there's five beautiful little kits, and mom Gisele is doing great. Mommy Anne is tired though, there has been little to no sleep at all these past few days. But it's all worth it.. :)


Pille said...

Hi Anne - a friend of mine brought these along to a Scrabble's night last weekend, and they were really really tasty. A perfect healthy snack indeed.

Anonymous said...

Just bought some green raisins today, and Google them, and you were the first result! Must be luck, as I used to live in Stockholm and shopped in Hötorgshallen fairly often (mainly due to a taste for Finnish cheese).

Interesting blog you have!
Hälsningar från England!