Tuesday, February 21, 2006

European Blogging By Post

Ok, it took its sweet time getting here (and it took me a week to write about it - the package arrived, very appropriate, on Valentine's Day) but it was well worth waiting for. Meg, of Too Many Chefs, sent me loads of comfort - which was the theme for this package exchange. I got gourmet pasta, a wonderful grey sea salt with cepes, absoutely delicious pink garlic, homemade chocolate oatmeal cookies, wine (did I mention she's in France?), a cheese that sadly didn't survive the trip, a lovely culinary mystery, and the piece the resistance - chocolate.

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Anonymous said...

Anne, so glad the package finally arrived! I hope the cookies weren't too stale? I've been making chocolate oatmeal cookies since my brother discovered the recipe when I was about nine. Of course I learned very early to increase the amount of chocolate...!