Tuesday, January 31, 2006

13 courses - time for dessert!

I know you've been anxiously waiting - first appetizers, then main courses.. where are the desserts? We actually had four desserts. (And that's a great recipe for a successful dinner party right there.)

First out was a tiny little thing...

Caramels Fleur De Sel, or caramels with Sea Salt

Very easy to make, really. But don't even think about doing it unless you have a good candy thermometer! You need 300 g of sugar, 150 g of butter (salted!), 120 g of heavy cream and some sea salt. (I used an Australian brand.)

Melt the butter and the sugar, and boil until it reaches 175 °C. (Very, very, very, very hot.) Meanwhile, heat the cream until boiling. When the sugar and butter has the right temperature, carefully pour the hot cream into the other pot. (It will spit and fizzle, be careful!) Stir until smooth, and simmer until it reaches 130 °C. Pour into a small pan, and let it cool and set completely. Turn it out and cut into squares, top each squares with a few flakes of salt. Keep in fridge, but serve at room temperature, and watch those teeth!

(Incidentally, these were what was inside the tiny packages...)

Lemon ice cream

I can not begin to tell you how awfully good this was. Absolutely incredible - possibly my favorite dish of the whole meal. Lena kindly shared the recipe - which you can make even without an ice cream maker!

If you want to serve them in lemon shells (and it's a gorgeous presentation, don't you think?), you need to hollow out an appropriate number of lemons. Just scoop the ice cream-mix in them and place into freezer until ready to serve. Or just freeze the ice cream in a container, and eat as it is.

You need 2 tbsp lemon juice, 2 egg yolks, 150 ml powdered sugar and 200 ml of heavy cream. Beat the juice, sugar and egg yolks in a small bowl. Beat the cream until it holds peaks, and mix with the egg mixture. Scoop into hollowed-out lemons and freeze, or freeze in a regular container.

White Chocolate Mousse with Strawberry Sauce

Ah, this was delicious! Tesse and Danne provided this, no recipe.


This was allright, but not excellent. Could be that we were all a bit full after the other twelve dishes. The recipe comes from The Gourmet Cookbook, and I think it helped me realize that what I really love about the tiramisu is the creamy filling, but not so much the soaked biscuits. I need to work on that.


Anonymous said...

As if the appetizers and main courses weren´t tantalizing enough you post all these georgeous desserts!

The pictures just makes me wanna dive in :-)

Best Regards/

Shelly said...

WOW Anne! That pic of the Caramels Fleur De Sel is fantastic!

Pille said...

I agree with indyfoodie - the top photo is very tempting!

Anne said...

Veronica, I really recommend this kind of dinner party :) It helps to have friends who cook though!

Indyfoodie and Pille, thank you so much. I'm really proud of it, it's one of my fave pictures!

Nina said...

I love caramels fleur de sel, and I don't think I've had lemon ice cream... So I intend to make both these recipes! Thank you :)