Sunday, December 25, 2005

Another shot at Café Brulé

Just another picture. Better this time. I'm still completely in love with the concept, which I wrote about here.

and Merry Christmas again, to those who celebrate on the 25th. In Sweden, christmas is usually celebrated on the 24th. We've spent today driving, more exactly driving our kitty Gisele Gruyère to a handsome kitty lover, with hopes of getting tiny kitty babies in nine weeks.

And we've had leftovers. Of course. I didn't cook a lot of christmas food (we were at my parent's house anyway) but I had to make meatballs, a christmas ham, Jansson's Temptation (that's a potato/anchovy gratin) and a Finnish casserole with swedes and carrots. Yum... More about all of that another day though!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you still did a bit of cooking -- all delicious. ;-)

Love the photos below!

Merry Christmas and Happy, happy New Year!


Lori said...

I remember reading about your 1st attempt. I admire how you got this one all frothy. :P Perfect for tsokolate.