Thursday, November 03, 2005

Chocolate Festival #2 - the tasting

Lena and I also went to an awesome chocolate-alcohol testing. It was arranged by Betsy Sandberg Choklad and was led by Christer Hedwall and Maria Ryman. We got to try four pieces of chocolate, and three different alcoholic drinks to pair them with. It was quite unusual, and provided some real exciting taste sensations!

First out was 12-year old Chivas Regal, paired with a white chocolate and lime truffle. Unexpected! Neither Lena nor I thought this was great, the chocolate in particular wasn't all that good. It was too bland, and didn't taste much like lime at all. The whiskey, on the other hand, wasn't great either. It had a wonderful scent, but.. nah, just too strong for my tastes.

Next was my absolute favorite, Havana Club Añejo Reserva with a hand-made marzipan covered in chocolate. Ah, what a perfect combination! This I will definitely try out at home. Betsy Sandberg makes a very good marzipan, with more almonds than what's usual. (About 65%)

Then we got to try a special truffle, flavored with Pernod, that Betsy Sandberg had created especially for the festival. It was really nice, with a strong licorice flavor. We were also given the recipe - I might make this for christmas.

Last one was a very good port, Sandemans Invalid Port, paired with an Almond Praline Truffle. Surprisingly, I wasn't very fond of this combo, and as with the first tasting, I found the chocolate lacking. The port was great, and I think it would have benefited from a slightly less sweet chocolate.

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