Saturday, October 01, 2005

Weekend Cat Blogging #17 - Edith

Behold little Smokey Edith, enjoying her very snug space atop our tv-computer. She loves rolling around there - it's nice and warm when it's turned on, and she feels safe and happy.

In Hufflepuffs cat news, Ywette is away on a date. She is very much the Queen Bee around here, so the other cats are acting a bit differently when she's not around. Keep your fingers crossed that Ywette likes the beau we've picked out for her - his name is Screaming Eagle - and that we'll end up with beautiful little babies in a couple of months!

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eat stuff said...

You have gorgeous kitties Anne!!! I bet you know that already though, I hope the date goes well!! I love Kittens!!

Papilles et Pupilles said...

What a wonderful cat !

boo_licious said...

Edith is adorable. I hope there will be the pitter patter of little kittens soon.

Unknown said...

Beautiful girl!
And I hope the date goes well ~ I want to see kittens!