Saturday, October 01, 2005

Wanna send me something?

Well, I don't really feel comfortable with posting my mailing address, but if you for some reason want it - just ask. If you're resourceful, you can probably find it on the net anyway (hint - it's on our cat website), but it's a little scary to post it outright, I guess.

That said, if anyone *does* want to send something.. *wink wink* :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Anne-

I trade you a case of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese for something Swedish. Let me know and you can get it before Christmas.

Anne said...

Neal - haha, a case might be overdoing it just slightly, but I sure wouldn't mind a little bit. But, what Swedish to think of? Send me an e-mail and we'll talk! :)

Anonymous said...

Din blogg åker rakt in i mina favoriter - Mums filibabba!

Don't ever stop!

Erick said...

hi anne. u r so cute. i have five cats too and loveeee to cook!!! check out my blog. i love urs.

betty Rocker said...

Hi Anne,

I just wanted to tell you I love your blog and read it almost everyday. keep up the good work!

kimberly in San Francisco

ady said...

ur blog is grate ,for the food makers&lovers

Bill said...

A few weeks age I ha the extreme honor of entertaining the King of sweden here in Michigan at Kettering university where I a mthe chef. I am pleased to report that he was impressed with both the imported and local offerings.
I also must say that he is also a very nice and extraordinary gentalman.
I hope this is of intrest. Chef william robinson

Anonymous said...


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emilie said...

hi ! I remember your nice send two years ago ... and I'm so happy to comme in Stockholm in August ! If you have good adress for food , I take it !!!
Thank you !

Anonymous said...


wonderful food blog i must say.. was wondering whether you have any egg free baking recipe which is simple and taste wonderful?

Anne said...

Anonymous - what are you looking for? There are lots of recipes for naturally egg free stuff - like crumbles. However, I don't make a point of cooking egg-free, so if something is, it's more coincidental. :)

Anonymous said...

Tack Anne for your reply.. my son has egg allergy. am looking for tested egg free recipe for cupcakes and cakes.

There are many recipe online but I just do not have time to try it out as i have another new born baby.
Keep up the good job.. nice food blog

Our Gang said...

Hi, Anne I have been enjoying your recipes and your Swedish traditions. I live in the Pacific Northwest in Washington State. I am a Quarter Swedish and our family is very proud of our Swedish immegrant grandparents. We have had fun on facebook with some of our relatives living in Sweden.

Will be checking with you frequently....Thanks Debbie

Henrik Norway said...

så bra side :O

Du bør prøve Tortillalefser med krydderost, guacamole, ruccola og chilipølser!

har ikke link til oppskrift her desverre..


Anonymous said...

hey anne..
how r u? i just spotted ur blog.. its really nice to see u have ur own blog bout food.. i love foods too.. so i hope i can talk more bout it wit u..i would like to know more how u start with dis blog. email me at

hope to hear from u soon..


regardz, Mel..

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne, I am coming to Sweden in a few weeks and plan to throw a dinner party at my friends house. I have a menu in mind but not sure if i can get some of the ingredients there. Can you tell me would I be able to get white wine vinegar and sweetened condensed milk. If so, where would I buy it from. Thanks so much

Anne said...

Hi! No worries! White wine vinegar is definitely available anywhere. Sweetened condensed milk can be a little trickier, but most stores have that, too. Well, at least where I live, which is just outside Stockholm - it'll depend on where you'll be. But as for vinegar, that's easy