Sunday, October 23, 2005

An improvement on an already great snack

I've already written about the wonderful spicy caramel almonds, but yesterday it occurred to me that I had some pumpkin seeds begging to be used up, so I made a batch of Spicy Caramel Almonds & Pumpkin Seeds. Yum, yum, yum! The seeds popped from the hot oil and sugar, and puffed up.

Perfect for an evening of Eurovision - which we had last night. Every year, there's the Eurovision song contest. Yesterday was a big 50-year celebration where the best Eurovision song of all times was voted for. Winner? Why, ABBA, of course! Waterloo is indeed the greatest Eurovision song ever made!


Niki said...

Oh no! In 25 minutes I'm sitting down with my IMBB souffle to watch that 50 year celebation, and now I know who won! (ah well - doesn't surprise me at all!) I'm just looking forward to the costumes and dance moves; remember what a HUGE Eurovision fan I am? :-)

Anne said...

AAARHGH! Oh my goodness Niki, I'm so sorry! I hope you enjoy the show anyway - there was a lot of really fun medleys!

Lisa said...

Oh! I just got inspired to make a soufflé with arctic raspberries!