Monday, October 31, 2005

Chocolate Festival #1

I have totally neglected to write about the Chocolate Festival at Nordiska Museet that Lena and I went to some weeks ago. Silly me! We had a great time, there was tons of chocolate and we ate.. way too much. Picture on top shows gorgeous oranges in chocolate, I'm dying to try and make them myself. Can't be too hard, can it?

Callebaut was there, and had brought some very large pieces of chocolate.

Look at this gorgeous chocolate sculpture!

I had to buy some things, of course. I got these chocolates from Neuhaus, several from Michel Cluizel (that I ate before I could take a picture), and then I bought these things - Scharffen-Berger Cacao Nibs, a marmalade with strawberries, raspberries and chocolate (so good it should be illegal) and several kinds of chocolate-covered fruit. Strawberries were my favorite!


obachan said...

That chocolate sculpture is just amazing! I couldn’t help screaming in front of the display. It’s absolutely an art!

Jocelyn:McAuliflower said...

Oooo, are the orange slices candied and then dipped? They sure are pretty!

Anonymous said...

Chocolate Festival? Could there be a more perfect destination? I think not! I want some cacao nibs!