Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The best fast food in town - Filips Pitaburger

This has been my favorite fast food for over ten years. I grew up in Saltsjöbaden, a small place in Nacka outside of Stockholm. (I still live in Nacka, but in another part.) When you go from Saltsjöbaden to Stockholm, you pass Filips Gatukök, a tiny little burger shack on the edge of the freeway. It doesn't look like much, tucked behind the gas station, but I assure you: it's excellent.

The owner - who's confusingly not at all named Filip, as far as I know - has one claim to fame: The Pita Burger. He invented it! Is it a pita? Is it a burger? Is it a pizza? It's everything. Essentially, a pita bread made from pizza dough, freshly baked, filled with a burger, shredded pizza cheese, iceberg lettuce, onions, hamburger dressing, cucumbers, tomatoes (always just one slice of each) and ketchup and/or mustard (never mustard for me!). That's it. And that's heaven.

I take every opportunity to have one. Last time was a few days ago, after a visit to my dentist in Saltsjöbaden. I definitely needed some comfort after that, so I went straight to Filips. I always get my pitaburger to go, because it's even better after one minute in the microwave, so the cheese melts.. Yum. Have one.

A pic of it open - I know, you can't see the burger. It's there though, I promise.

Filips Gatukök & Pizzeria
Repvägen 2, Saltsjöbaden


Ravi said...

I really liked your food blog . I am myself a foodie and look forward to tasting different foods.
The photos makes my mouth water. :)

Thanks for the wonderful post.


Anonymous said...

I think that is the best burger I've ever seen. I covet the one in the photo.

But what is "hamburger dressing?"

Anne said...

Courtney - umm, good point. That's probably not so universal, no. Swedish hamburger dressing is.. a pinkish, thick, slightly tangy dressing - possibly a bit rhode island-y. Usually has very finely minced pickles in it, too, or at least Filip's does. (They don't make it themselves, I bet it comes in huge barrels.)

Wat is het? said...

Hi Anne,

I am from holland and had the opportunity to try a filip's pita burger..........................since my girlfriend has lived in Fisksatra.

WOW !@#$%^&*!!!!!!!!!

This is absoletly the nicest burger I have ever eaten.

I still come in Stockholm about 2 times a year and muy firs trip always is the blue train from slussen to get this burger.....