Friday, September 23, 2005

Wrapped Chicken

Here's another idea for something that goes perfectly with a lovely golden autumnal chanterelle risotto. It's chicken breasts, divided lengthwise, seasoned with salt and pepper, and wrapped in cured ham. I used Tvärnöskinka, which is Swedish, but you could prosciutto, serrano or any other similar product. A couple of basil leaves are tucked inside the ham, and the whole thing is fried on both sides for a couple of minutes. Excellent flavor - this is one of my favorite ways to eat chicken.


Ilva said...

What a great idea-I will sure try it!!

Ziz said...

Wow that's a clever idea...I'd always fancied myself a proscuitto purest, eaten plain and alone..but that looks and sounds really good! :)

Farmgirl Susan said...

"this is one of my favorite ways to eat chicken."

Well, yeah. That sounds divine! And then you go and tease with more of my favorite chanterelles. I found a handful a couple of weeks ago, but since then all I've seen are false chantrelles--another tease. Oh, Anne, you do eat well! : )