Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Salad with Peaches and Goat's Cheese

Sometimes, a salad is all you want. Sure, it's nearing the end of summer, but peaches are at their prime, and maybe a sunny dish like this is a way to prolong the season a little bit. The flavor combination is intense. And as far as a salad goes, this is pretty filling. Serve with a good bread, and you'll be all set!

Salad with Peaches and Goat's Cheese
Serves 2

100 g rocket, washed and drained
3 peaches, halved and sliced
125 g chèvre cheese
125 g sugar peas, roughly sliced
1/2 red onion, cut into thin half moons

raspberry balsamic vinegar
olive oil
brown sugar

Put the rocket in a bowl, and dress with some tasty vinegar, a splash of olive oil, and pinches of salt, pepper and brown sugar. Taste and adjust. Add the red onion and sugar peas, toss well. Transfer to two plates, and spread out the greens. Top with the peach slices and crumbled chèvre.


Crystal said...

Hello, Anne. I have been reading your blog for about a month now, and I really like it. Lots of interesting dishes from another part of the world, and I love how often you post! Every time I check in, you have a delicious new dish to try, keep it up!

Anne said...

Hi Crystal! Thanks for leaving a note - I love hearing from my readers all over the world! And to tell the truth, I'm always amazed that I actually *have* readers, and so many! :) It makes blogging all the more fun. And I do try to keep up - maybe I can't post every single day, but that's my aim. :) Keep reading!

Viktoria said...

Your salad looks lovely, Anne!

Cat said...

mmm succulent peaches with salty goat cheese it must have tasted divine! ive loved your blog for ages :D

Anonymous said...

This looks good! I love peaches.


tanvi said...

what a perfect summertime lunch. i need to go buy some chevre- i want this salad for lunch tomorrow! :-)

Girl said...

that looks fantastic! but what is rocket?

i'm visiting via Graculus after he referenced you for Blog day

Anne said...

Oh, I should clarify. Rocket is called ruccola in Swedish stores, and aragula in other places. Hopefully that helps some!