Sunday, June 19, 2005

Radishes and Cheese

This is a small little dish, but oh so full of flavors! I found the recipe on Annette's blog, I Mitt Franska Kök. I made it a couple of nights ago for something to nibble on before dinner - yum! We're definitely making this again - and in fact, it'll probably find its way to our wedding buffet, too. But I want to try it with another cheese - Comté was good, but I'm dying to try it with Pecorino.

As for the recipe - it's so simple. Just slice radishes thinly, and mix with about an equal amount of diced cheese. (Try it with Comté, as the original recipe suggests!) Dress with a simple vinaigrette from white balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper and a small bit of Dijon mustard. And add whatever herbs you have handy - I made this with tarragon and sage, and it was a beautiful combination.

On another note - I'm so excited! I'll be joining the UK food bloggers for a picnic at Henley in two weeks time! Johanna has very kindly talked me into flying out for the event, and has even offered me to stay at her place - is that perfect or what? I know I should probably be wedding planning like crazy, since this will be just one week from my wedding, but I also feel that I could use a little time away from here and have fun on my own. And a rowing regatta! That just sounds SO English, and so very Jilly-Cooper-ish that I can't possibly resist. Yeay!

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Jeanne said...

Hey Anne
I was so thrilled to hear you are coming! Good food, men in lycra... it sounds like the perfect way to spend your last weekend as a single girl ;-) Holding thumbs for perfect weather and look forward to seeing you soon!