Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Muffin Factory

Look at those muffins! They're HUGE! Muffinsfabriken ("The Muffin Factory") pride themselves on selling the largest muffins in Stockholm. And they sure do. Don't plan on having a big dinner on the same day as you buy these babies, that's for sure. We got one banana-walnut, and one chocolate-orange, split both and stuffed our faces. I could finish my half of the banana-walnut (incredibly good!) but when time came to the chocolate orange, I'm sad to report that I could only manage a small bite. It was a very good bite though.

Nioörtsvägen 26
Götgatan 99


Farmgirl Susan said...

Wait, you mean a muffin can't BE dinner? That chocolate orange looks divine. Never seen one made with two colors of batter--usually they're just all chocolate with the orange zest or whatever mixed in. Yum! I want one! (I should never go food blogging when I'm hungry. . .)

Maria said...

Åh de är så goooda! Den på Götgatan är livsfarligt nära mitt jobb, på ngt magiskt vis brukar jag hamna där på fredagarna på väg hem... :-)

Rawler said...

Tusen tack! En polare drog dit mig för några år sedan, och jag har vart dödssugen på cupcakes i en vecka! :D