Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Sweet Onion Poppy Seed risotto

I had a great dinner a couple of nights ago, thanks to Mcauliflower of the lovely blog Brownie Points. (This girl has a real talent with graphic arts, too - and her pictures are great!) Anyway - you can find the recipe here, I'm not going to repost as I followed it pretty much to a T. My one exception was to stir in the fried shallot rings with the bacon and the cheese, rather than sprinkling them on top - to each their own.

Next time - there will be a next time, or rather, many next times - I think I'll skip the poppy seeds. That seems a bit dumb as this is a poppy seed risotto, but.. I didn't really feel that they added much beyond a slightly irritating texture and very annoyingly, a lot of seeds stuck in my teeth.

Now I just really want to make that roll that Mcauliflower talks about in the beginning of her post. All those flavors - in bread? Please. It sounds amazing.

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Jocelyn:McAuliflower said...

what a kick! I'm glad you enjoyed the risotto.