Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Give me a Starbucks!

Let's talk about coffee. (I admit to being a bit influenced by the aforementioned books by Diane Mott Davidson, where Goldy the caterer indulges in several large espresso drinks every day.) I like coffee, but I don't drink it all that much. I used to drink it more regularly, and nearly ended up in the hospital with a bleeding ulcer around christmas 2003 - a nice melange of stress, stress, some more stress, ibuprofen and coffee. Since then, I've cut back. Way back. I now have it a couple of times a week, and that's fine.

Since I don't drink it much, I want it to be good. Real good. I don't care much for black coffee - I need milk and sweetener, and flavoring is nice, too. They say Starbucks is taking over the world. Ohoy, Starbucks? Here. Look here. Sweden. Take us over, please. Now?

I know they're toted as an evil corporation. I can live with that. If I could just please have one, right here. I love Starbucks coffee. I've only had it on very few occasions, while visiting the US.. but I love it. And I want more. I have even toyed with the idea of starting a franchise myself. It seems like a lot of work, though.

So what does Sweden have? Copycats. And lots of them. We have a lot of "american-style" coffee-houses all called things like Coffee Cup, Coffeehouse by George, Wayne's Coffee and Steve's Coffee. For some reason, none of them have Swedish names. They're not bad, but they are impostors. Please, please. Give me a Starbucks!


Anonymous said...

get yourself a can of illy, one of those single coffee cups with the gold strainer on top and save a lot of money. by the way, starbucks are somewhat creepy, there was a cruel piece in the la times magazine that made me laugh some years back that made donald trump look like a soulful poet of authenticity next to starbucks execs.

Elisabeth said...

Living in Norway, and LOVING Starbucks I'm right there with you. (Yo! Starbucks! Scandinavia is all yours if you want us ...) During our vacation in England this summer I drank so many Starbucks Frappuccinos I lost count. Still wished I'd had a few more. ;-)

a_mike said...

I just have to agree Iäve been missing Starbuck for a looong time. I went to the US for the first time back in -90 and then there were no "imposters" in Sweden so naturally I did get the "true" taste and feeling for my "first try" Then alla the "copycats" started to merege, but as you said, it is not the real thing somehow.

Actually I heard somewhere a few years back that Starbuck was coming to Sweden, but since that has not happend I guess there was no truth in that statement. :(

I think Starbucks will do great if they decide to establish a busniess here.

Hey I might even consider franchising for 'em.

If you ever hear that they are on the way , lemme know :)


Anonymous said...

As a Swede living in the US the Starbucks concept is a part of life. You go there not only for coffee but to work, study etc and you bring your laptop and headset.

And it's not only Starbucks. There's Greenberry's, Caribou and others. Personally I really like Caribou's coffee.

If Starbucks isn't "clean" enough I would look into a Caribou franchise. Here's their website www.cariboucoffee.com. Or try www.greenberrys.com. Anybody's up to it?
PS Don't forget to provide internet access.

Anonymous said...

Two years later, and not a single Starbucks. I share your pain, Anne. So sad. I guess it is time to bid Sweden adieu and head back to The States.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree! I LOVE STARBUCKS!!! Feels like there are Starbucks all over the world except in Sweden, which is really strange. Starbucks would hit big in Stockholm. I visit Starbucks EVERY day when I'm abroad.

What do we have? Wayne's? You can't get a decent cappuccino at Wayne's.

Unknown said...

Hi I am Janet from Taiwan,new in Stockholm suburn, and I usually go have Starbuck X mas special coffee during x mas and made a wish with my bf efore I came to Sweden that we should have an annual Date in Starbuck for X mas Special coffee every year, So are you telling me that there is no Starbuck Cafe in Stockholm? I would be really disappointed also. Was just checking where Starbuck cafe is in Stockholm and foumnd your blog.

Anne said...

Janet - so sorry, but no. No Starbucks!

Anonymous said...

I've found your blog by looking for Starbucks in Stockholm too... I love Starbucks and after comming back from London I can't live without their lattes :-( That's a pity, I was looking forward to drinking Starbucks during our short trip to Stockholm next week :-(

Anonymous said...

Hahah we went to London for new years holiday also and i almost had one cup of christmas toffee nutt latte every time i walked pass starbuck haha it was so cold there and that starbuck really warm my heart after long time living in sweden without it hehe
but swedes dispite it a lot haha they thought it taste like tea duh hehe
i just love the sweetness creamy coffee fragrant aroma in starbuck and the place just as cozy as ppl would like in such cold season!
now i am back in sweden and well have usual coffee at home and its always bitter or too strong for me though hehe