Monday, February 07, 2005

See my cats

You know the Simpsons episode with all the puppies? Where Mr. Burns does an amazing musical number called "See my vest" that goes something like:

"See my vest, see my vest
made of real gorilla chest
See this sweater
there's no better
than authentic Irish setter"

You can find the whole lyrics here.

Yesterday, I had a bunch of friends over for coffee and kitten-cuddling. One of them happened to be an extremely talented photographer. Lucky me! Here's a site where he's put up a lot of the pictures - enjoy! (But don't ask me which kitten is which. I can identify them in real life but in pictures? Not so much, no.)

And I haven't forgotten that Oslo Foodie passed the buck to me on the music thing. I will reply, soon.


Cerebrum said...

OMG! I'm not a cat-person as such, but these pictures are ADORABLE! Now I want one! And LOL, I do remember the Simpson episode!

Anne said...

Thank you guys! :) Oslo Foodie - you'll be surprised at how extremely boring I am when it comes to music. Although the Simpsons song might have been a tip-off to that..

Dagmar - they are addictive, aren't they? :)

Zarah - they're at their cutest right now, but they *do* grow...

Ziz said...

How cute! I use to have a kitten that looked just like those cute little buggers! *Sigh* ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne - I linked your beautiful blog. Beautiful food and kitties!