Sunday, February 13, 2005

Ok, back to normal

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post! I still have no idea what happened, but it was that little musical game that did it. I deleted the post and reposted it, and that worked. Strange. Oh well! And it seems to indeed have been browser specific. Next challenge: How do you host your pictures? I'm using Imageshack, but I'm not all that happy with it. I'd like a better, and preferrably more reliable solution.

I'm woozy. I spent the weekend on a ferry to Helsinki, Finland, with the people of one of the boards I'm on. We had a great time, and the food was wonderful - but there's a storm, and there were some really, really big waves tonight. I didn't get much sleep, and now that I'm off the sea, I still feel like everything's rolling.

Per comforted me with a big steaming bowl of my current favorite pasta - Pasta Bianco from Jamie's Dinners. Heaven in a bowl. Also known as silky smooth tagliatelle coated in a light sauce of butter, garlic and parmesan. That's all there is to it. No picture. I ate it all - and the kittens finished the scant leftovers. (And no, it's not a great idea to feed cats garlic! It can actually be poisonous in larger doses.)

Dinner will be guacamole and chips, also one of my very favorite things. The picture is from the last time we made it. I put a lot of coriander in my guacamole. Yum!

Anne's Guacamole
2 ripe avocados
handful of cherry tomatoes, halved or quartered
juice of 1 lime or half a lemon
1 large bunch coriander, chopped
2 cloves of garlic, smashed
some creme fraiche
salt and freshly ground black pepper

Mash the avocados. I use a nifty handheld immersion blender. Add the garlic. Mash some more. Add the lime, the salt and the pepper. Add the tomatoes, and decide if you like the texture or if you'd like to thin it out a little bit with some creme fraiche. Finish with the coriander, and that's all there is to it. Enjoy on corn chips.


Sam said...

Hi Anne - I use blogger to host my pics: It's free! I just have another (hidden from my profile) blog where I load up all my pics and then I link to them from there. It's great! No limits, it doesn't cost a dime. The only thing is - that only blogger can link to them, other, third party sites can't. But that's ok - means no one stealing your pics and bloggers bandwidth.
I use Picasa for uploading etc, and I think it is wonderful and easy.

Anne said...

Thank you Sam! I'll check out that option! :)

Anonymous said...

Guac is okay and everything but I am crazy obsessed with princess cake. I spend fortunes buy little mini ones with pretty flowers on top from the scandinavian bakery near our house. I think as a swedish female blogger you might have some sympathy for my obsession/borderline mental illness and post a recipe.

Anne said...

Princess cake - ok, request duly noted! :) I'll definitely take on the challenge - I've made it once before, and it's not hard at all, just a little bit fiddly. I like the idea of making tiny individual ones - I might go for that! :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, nice.