Thursday, February 10, 2005

Music in my kitchen!

Oh well, I suppose I can't escape this any longer. :) I was tagged by Oslo Foodie in a blogger-chainletter-thingie, and while this one is so not suitable for me (I'm the most boring person in the world when it comes to music) I'm glad to be included. :)

What is the total amount of music files on your computer?
Um. Good question, yeah. I should have checked. I'm at work right now, and there's no music at all on this one. But I'm guessing about.. fifty albums or so. Plus a couple of hundreds misc. songs. I rarely, rarely listen to it. Update: 4,2 gb.

The CD you last bought?
Awfully embarrassing. I have no idea. It's been years. Several years. I'm guessing it's a Frank Sinatra collection. I mostly buy collections - on the rare occasions that I do buy. The last CD I got as a present though, was one that my dad and his jazz band recorded. Very nice! And the last CD I downloaded, that must have been the latest by Aimee Mann. Her "Driving Sideways" is in one of the car commercials on tv here, and it gets stuck in my head in a most wonderful way.

What was the song you last listened to before reading this message?
Um. Before I got tagged? No idea. Before I sat down to write this? Again, no idea. I don't really listen to music. At all. I like silence, a lot. So, the last one must have been.. right, the theme song to Six Feet Under! Yeah. That's it. Does it count?

Write down 5 songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you.
I'll have to go with some random ones then.
1. Everybody Hurts with REM (Perfect for when you want to wallow - this makes me feel so bad that it eventually becomes ridiculous and then I'm happy again.)
2. When You're the Best of Friends from Disney's The Fox and the Hound. (Reminds me of my dear friend in the US, Rebecca, and when we were in high school together while I was an exchange student. This was one of our favorite movies.)
3. Love Me Tender - Elvis. (Embarrassing story. My parents are both fairly musical people. Dad plays in a band and has done so for most of his life. My mom plays the piano, and has a beautiful voice. You'd think some of this would have been passed along to me. But no. As was proven on a ferry trip to Estonia when I was.. 14? 15? Something like that. This was when karaoke was pretty new, and the boat had a machine. I was curious, poring over the songlists. When I was out for a moment, my dad asked my mom if she thought I'd sing if he paid me 1000 SEK. She said, "no way." I came back, and my dad asked, would I pick a song for 500 SEK? I guess he wanted some bargaining room. Not necessary - I piped up with an immediate "yes!". I'll cut this short now, but suffice to say that it was terrible. I sang in the wrong key, the entire song. My parents were doubled over with laughter. It's a highlight for them.)
4. Every Me and Every You - Placebo, from Cruel Intentions. One of my fave movies. And a good song.
5. The ballad of Bilbo Baggins - Leonard Nimoy. It's so bizarre! (You have to go track it down now - are Clotilde of Chocolate & Zucchini, and I can't believe no one else has done that before me. (I've probably missed it.) Anyway, I'm dying to hear what's actually on that little beautiful Ipod! My next choice is Dagmar of A Cat in the Kitchen with whom I have much in common - we're both Swedes, we both love to cook and bake, and we share a love for British Shorthair cats. Hopefully she has more interesting music to share than I do. My third choice is The Passionate Cook - one of my favorite blogs! Such gorgeous pictures and the recipes sound wonderful. Let's hear if she has some nice music tips, too!

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