Monday, February 28, 2005

Dalarö bageri

If you are in Stockholm, or anywhere nearby, do pay Dalarö Bageri (bakery) a visit. It's a wonderful little bake shop, located in Dalarö which is right outside Stockholm. It's best in the summer time, as it's in the archipelago, but it's beautiful all year round. I visit every now and then, since my aunt lives there. My mother grew up there, and my grandparents are buried there. Me and Per visited with my aunt and cousin yesterday, to see the progress of our kitties, and to delived a computer.

We went for a brisk snowy walk to the bakery, where we bought those gorgeous pastries you can see in the picture. It's puff pastry stars with a filling of vanilla cream and raspberry preserves. The black bits you can see - that's cardamom. We also had delicious cardamom buns with almond paste (devoured long before I got the chance to take a picture) and we bought a dark, deep spicy bread.

When we got back, I decided to start my copy-catting and made Molly's Alsatian Onion Pie. I followed the instructions, but only had a 10 inch pie dish so mine came out a little flatter than I would have preferred. Note to self - buy another pie dish! I made the pastry according to my own regular recipe - 3 deciliters of flour (roughly 180 g), about 100 g butter, diced, and a tablespoon of iced water. Worked out nicely. I never roll out pie dough - way too stressful for me - but instead use a mosaic technique. Shape the dough into a log, and slice it very, very thinly. Put the pieces in a mosaic pattern in the dish, and use your fingers to press it all together. Works like a charm! We had the pie - it was truly delicious! - with baked chicken and a small rocket salad.

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Molly said...

Anne, the Alsatian onion tart looks beautiful! I'm so glad to see that you liked it. And those cardamom-almond paste buns sound incredible. I'm VERY jealous!