Monday, January 10, 2005

Parmesan Fish Fillets

I’m determined to cook more from my cookbooks this year, and one of my newer ones is Jamie’s Dinners by Jamie Oliver. He has a recipe for parmesan fish that’s truly a winner – you must try this!

Serves two.
2 white fish fillets
1 egg, lightly beaten
flour, mixed with salt and pepper
two large handfuls of finely shredded parmesan

Roll the fish in the flour mix. Dip it into the egg, and press into the parmesan. Fry on medium heat in olive oil until golden. That’s it.

Jamie suggests a salad with watercress, avocado and lemon juice. I used various sprouts instead of the water cress, since I love sprouts with avocado. It was nice as a small evening meal, but for something a bit more filling, I’d do riced potatoes (or mash – but Per pretty much hates mash and won’t eat it) and possibly a lemon sauce.

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