Saturday, December 18, 2004

Going bananas!

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Or, should I say, where did my bananas go? I woke up this morning, and after a couple of intense hours of cleaning, I started making the yummy sounding Cardamom Banana Bread with Pistachios that Alice made for Sugar High Fridays #3. (Without pistachios though, it's nearly impossible to find non-salted pistachios here. I'm substituting walnuts.)

I was going the lazy route - as I so often do - and started mixing my butter and sugars in the food processor. I added the eggs. I was all set to add the bananas, turned around and... hey, where are my bananas? I had had two perfectly overripe bananas on the table, and I was sure I had seen them last night. And now? They were... mysteriously gone. Never having to think long before settling on a suspect, I called out to Per. "Oh, don't you remember? I told you I threw those out yesterday." I did not remember.

Per is now at the store, trying to find suitable replacements. I am sitting here, ingredients neatly gathered... and waiting. Meanwhile, enjoy a picture of the kittens. They are four weeks old now, and cute as buttons.


OsloFoodie said...

Ooooh lovely cute kittens!

Unknown said...

oooh help me i'm melting *swoon*...gotta show my kids.