Friday, November 05, 2004

Toast with Chavroux, turkey and thyme

No blogging yesterday – frankly, I was too shocked at the election results, and spent most of the day reading online news. And sleeping – I had a massive headache and left work early. I am a firm anti-Bush supporter, and I really thought Kerry would win by a mile… but I must say that as a political scientist, I’m also very much in awe of the numbers. 57 million people voted for Bush. That’s an awful lot of people.

Enough about politics for now – others say it so much better – and back to food. I made the most amazing toast for dinner last night! Here’s the scoop:

For one very hungry person:
-4 slices of bread (I used regular pre-sliced white bread from the freezer)
-Chavroux, a gorgeous spreadable goat’s cheese
-two tablespoons of pine nuts, toasted in a dry skillet
-4 slices of smoked turkey
-a few sprigs of fresh thyme
-a drizzle of runny honey
-a little bit of Maldon salt (or sel de fleur)

Spread each slice of bread with a little Chavroux. Top two toasts with two slices each (mine were very thin) of turkey. Sprinkle with pine nuts and thyme. Drizzle honey on the remaining piece of bread with cheese, sprinkle on a tiny bit of salt, and flop that onto the toast. Grill in a contact grill, or if you don’t have one, in a toastmaker or just in the frying pan. My contact grill is one of my fave appliances though, and I heartily recommend getting one. Here’s the one we have:

These toasts were truly heaven. I divided each into triangles (as you’ll be able to see when I finally get the picture up) and ended up eating three triangles. Per appropriated the last one. It was a perfect blend of crunchy, gooey, salt, sweet and thyme. Tonight, it’ll be more cheese (hopefully!) – we’re aiming for a cheese fondue evening.

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