Friday, October 22, 2004

My very own blog!

Oh my god! I just created a blog! MY blog. My very own! My preciousssss... Ok. Yeah, you get it. Another blog. Great. But - it's just not any ordinary blog! It's mine! All mine!

Allright. Really. Anyway - I'm a bit excited. I've started blogging attempts before, I'll admit. With various success. But I decided to get this one going because lately I've been really enjoying reading so many other peoples blogs, especially food blogs. It's to the point where I'll walk around, mumbling to myself. In English. About food. So I thought I'd better get this going before people start calling me crazy. (Or should that be crazier?)

As I mentioned, I read foodblogs. And this will be yet another one. I love food. I really do. I love cooking, I love eating, I love talking about food, reading about food, shopping for food - you name it. However, I have two other obsessions and they might very well find their merry ways into this little blog too. They are *drumroll please* cats, and makeup. Kind of funny to have three interests that have so extraordinarly little to do with eachother, but yeah, that's how it is. (To add to this, I also happen to love politics, which is what I do for a living, computers and books.)

While I'm on the subject (and that would be the subject of "me", my favorite) I should tell you some background. I am a girl. My name is Anne. I live in Sweden, which is a smallish country in Northern Europe. I live in a suburb to the capital city of Stockholm, and was born and raised in the area too. My parents live here, as do two of my sisters and my brother. Third sister lives in Northern Sweden. I'm the youngest, and I'm 28. (Although I have a hard time actually accepting that. If someone asks, my response is generally "Oh, 24. Hey, wait, no.. I have to think.. right.. I'm 28. Yeah. 28." I really don't know why it's like this, I don't mind approaching 30. (Right.)

I share a large apartment with Per, my fiance since five years. (Swedes are not big on that tradition of actually marrying within a year. But we are planning on getting married next summer, July 9 is the tentative date. Nothing big... I'm sure I'll tell you more about it.) We have four cats - Hamlet, Ywette, Edith and Kelly. They're all purebred British Shorthairs, except for Kelly who's a British Longhair. In the event that you'd like to learn more about my cats, you can visit the cattery website at

Ok. My very first post in my very own foodblog.. and nothing about food. That's a great start. (Or not.)

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